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noam. is. sparticus.
he is. what up now schmorgasbored?
by hmm May 22, 2004
The coolest kid in the world. His enemy? sNOTicus.
basically yea, sparticus kicks ass.
Kid 1-Hey you know that kid in WHAP?
Kid 2-Sparticus?
Kid 3- Yea, he so totally rocks.
by the real sparticus guy November 29, 2007
random past geezer now manifested in ppl who think they're sparticus, especially me who now has no real name...... :s
i am sparticus!
by sparticus November 14, 2003
What one calls a very large penis. Usually talking in third person
OMG Sparticus is huge!
by tjg2009 September 17, 2009
plateu between your yam-bag and the anal pore.

See also grundle, and taint.
"Dude, my sparticus is leaking!"
by Michael Blumberger September 06, 2004