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The coolest kid in the world. His enemy? sNOTicus.
basically yea, sparticus kicks ass.
Kid 1-Hey you know that kid in WHAP?
Kid 2-Sparticus?
Kid 3- Yea, he so totally rocks.
by the real sparticus guy November 29, 2007
random past geezer now manifested in ppl who think they're sparticus, especially me who now has no real name...... :s
i am sparticus!
by sparticus November 14, 2003
What one calls a very large penis. Usually talking in third person
OMG Sparticus is huge!
by tjg2009 September 17, 2009
noam. is. sparticus.
he is. what up now schmorgasbored?
by hmm May 22, 2004
plateu between your yam-bag and the anal pore.

See also grundle, and taint.
"Dude, my sparticus is leaking!"
by Michael Blumberger September 06, 2004
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