1. Ancient Greek City-State
2. To kick someone in the chest and have them fall over.
I was walking up the stairs to go to my class, and Jim Sparta'd me when I got to the top.
by Jessie Savi November 18, 2007
What this is; the opposite of madness.
"Madness? THIS! IS! SPARTA!"
by sdfasdsf February 15, 2008
ok i live in sparta, nj...i live in an average size house which is probably considered small by most people there...but just cuz a lot of the kids are potheads and sluts...doesn't mean we all are i don't drink or do drugs or anything like that i don't sleep with every guy that walks by and this may seem conceited but i'm not ugly...just what i'm trying to say is don't judge a book by it's cover cuz i'm pretty sure i'm not the only kid in sparta like this
sparta may not be the best but it's ok.
by smilingkate November 13, 2007
A highly explosive grade of whoopass. Known to take foes utterly by surprise. So overpowering in its pwnage that it must be screamed every time it is said, preferably while kicking someone into a well, over a cliff or over any kind of precipice.
"Madness? This...IS SPARTA!!"

"Fool, I have come here to bring the SPARTA!! You don't want none of this!"

"SPARTA!!" *any words said after this point are drowned out by the mighty din of an ownage of epic proportions*
by The World II February 29, 2008
Verb - To kick with great strength, power, or force, ending the kick with the leg straight and out ; To kick a person in the chest with great force, yelling "This is Sparta!"
"... someone must have Sparta-ed the door down."
by Ace of Trades February 15, 2008
the majority of sparta does have money, but most are pretty down to earth. ya you ll get your snob or asshole, but most are down to earth. sparta kids try to have fun however we can, which is pretty hard because we have nothing to do. thats probably why everyone smokes weed and drinks. most peole dont like spartans because we are good at sports and have money.most people who live here dont want to
yo where you from?
that blows.
ya i no.
by idonthaveafuckinname September 10, 2006
Sparta is a nice, average town in northern New Jersey. Nothing rarely happens and could be actually boring at times. Everyone hates the people of Sparta because they think that they are "snobs", and "rich". They also hate them because their town may lose to sparta in a sport. But someone has to lose. Everyone their jsut wants to be normal as the next down, but they can;t because people are always ragging on them.
(Girl and Boy at party having a good time)

Boy: I really like you
Girl: I like you too
Boy: Where are you from?
Girl: Um...Sparta
Boy: EW get away!
by ME Ma June 03, 2006

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