Spanking is the act of repeatedly applying percussive force to the bard arse of a man. Although the hand alone may be used, the severity of the spankable offense requires the use of additional equipment, examples of which include hairbrushes, paddles, straps, canes, or whips.

To focus the man on the task at hand, and importantly to add humiliation to the punishment, not to mention making it abundantly clear who is in charge of the situation, requirements should be added. Most commonly, these are requirements that certain clothing be worn, such as either a schoolboy (or schoolgirl) uniform, certain types of panties such as bikini briefs or a white jockstrap, or sissy dress, high heels, and make-up. The spankee may also be required to be bound and gagged during the process, as further humiliation as well as to maintain position and keep noise levels down.

The spankee may, post-spanking, be left alone in the room bound and gagged at the woman's pleasure, to reflect on their punishment.

As a matter of course, spankings should always be followed up with a good, hard assfucking with an appropriately sized strap-on dildo.

Spankings are the appropriate result of a variety of infractions, such as ungentlemanly behaviour, use of bad language, talking back, failure to perform household tasks, lateness, coming in drunk, leaving the toilet seat up, flirting with other women, or failure to bring the woman to orgasm.
You didnt take the trash out, and so we're stuck with it for a week... go to your room, and when I come in after you, I want to see the cane, paddle, and dildo laid out, and a naked boy bent over with his cheeks spread. You will not be sitting down for a week, young man!

You spent nearly £100 on beer?! I'm beginning to think you like being punished, as this time you'll be getting a spanking every day for the next two weeks this time!
by Zarathustratosphere April 24, 2011
A word that used to mean punishment for a child who had done wrong. When done fairly and properly the child usually did not commit that particular crime again. Some parents used it only as a means of last resort. Other parents spanked their kids for every little thing they did which actually had the opposite effect.

Spanking has fallen into disfavor these days for more "Progressive" means of "Educating" children. The advocates of the progressive system say that you must never strike a child. They say that if your child hits you with a broom handle you are to sit them down and educate them that they should not do that because it hurts people. Never tell them that it's wrong because that may hurt their self esteem and psychologically harm them,

The advocates of the progressive way are usually childless, single people who write books on how to raise your kids. They usually have long impressive titles behind their names that make them look like really smart people who know everything about raising kids. In reality they only spent as little time as possible with kids. Most of their time was spent kissing up to the professors in whatever diploma mill (College) they attended. This happens far more than you think.
2012 parent 1;Honey look at this book!" When we have our first kid this is exactly what we will do!"

2012 parent 2; "Is that the book that advises against spanking??"

2012 parent 1; "Why yes it is!" "This person is really smart and knows what they are talking about! " Look at all those titles after their name!" This is one awesome super smart person and we will raise our kids just like they say!."

20 years later
1."Honey!! the jail called again we need bail money!"
2. "Which kid?"
1. "I dunno"
2. " I don't have it but maybe I will after I sue the idiot that wrote that book."
1. " We can't do that, they moved to the Caymans to escape paying taxes on the childcare books they write."
2. " That's right, they pushed for high taxes on the wealthy, and when the law passed they moved out of the USA to the Caymans where they still talk about everybody paying their fair share." Now they are saying that even the poor should pay taxes.
by OneWhoKnowsBetter December 20, 2012
A stop by a police unit, usually a state trooper, for a traffic violation
He got a spanking for driving 20 mph over the speed limit.

She got a spanking for running a red light.
by Bed time September 14, 2010
Usually being punished while Bending over a lap a couch a chair and being struck on the Buttocks a set or not set amount of times. This discipline is used to bring compliance to rules established and after other forms of discipline have failed. Some states in the U.S. Still allow its practice. While other have stopped in favor of either in or out of school suspension or detentions. The word can also be used with some sex play between willing adults. Which can establish development of a safe word when the spankie when things go to far. Such acts in this area is known as S&M.
Mom told me that when Dad gets home I'm going to to get my behind blistered with a good hard spankings. Maybe you will listen to me then!
by SlapHappy October 10, 2014
another word for leaving/going home or away.
ite guys im spanking soon, i think I'm gonna spank, she's such a spankette, i think he's a spanko, he needs to stop being a spankings direct.
by Duncan Levz June 14, 2010
A description of remarkable high quality and style; implying significant gratification to be had from the described object.

Taken and enhanced from the old fashioned version meaning "very" - (i.e. "Brand Spanking New") and combining it with the sexual nature of the act of spanking - there is an erotic edge to this word.
As if that which you are describing will give you some form of sexual pleasure, either express or implied.
Hey - your boots are totally spanking!

Wow, that new album is spankingly good!
by malc December 07, 2004
Procrastinating, often by web surfing online. Goofing off by enjoying yourself instead of getting something done. Refers specifically but not exclusively to masturbating ("spanking the monkey"), especially while looking at porn online.
Am I interrupting?
Nah, just spanking. What's up?
by Sir Yelof April 30, 2007

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