extremely awesome
awesome in a sexual way
or especially thrilling.
That movie was spankalicious!

-I just got some new pokemon cards today.
-Really? That's spankalicious.
by Heathmeister August 30, 2007
A sexy body you would love to spank
That girl is spankalicious
by sex kitten69 September 26, 2005
Means very good, could refer to food, partys, sex or whatever you want
Joe - Dude that party last night was SPANKALICIOUS!!
Matt - You know it
by Billy Weidrick March 12, 2008
When someone is so hot that you want to "spank your monkey". Derived from delicious being tasty, and spank which means to hit the butt with the hand.
John saw the bikini girl across the way and thought to him self"Thank god there is no bathroom around, because that girl is spankalicious!"
by J-chan September 19, 2007

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