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some one who bothers you and wont leave you alone.
your foot steps become theres. creepy huh. That person becomes the flying cock monkey..... "look out dorthy, the monkeys will get you!"
by J-chan September 19, 2007
Its simple. When someone won't get off your balls/dick.
Usually at a club an ugly girl won't let you be, hangs on an usually you go home with her because thats all that will get with you, because she is messing up your game.
In aremaic days the dick clamp helped sustain an erection. It was good for propagating the species. In the club scene today.... its about as pretty as a an STD!
by J-chan September 19, 2007
When someone is so hot that you want to "spank your monkey". Derived from delicious being tasty, and spank which means to hit the butt with the hand.
John saw the bikini girl across the way and thought to him self"Thank god there is no bathroom around, because that girl is spankalicious!"
by J-chan September 19, 2007

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