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3 definitions by bhrome

the child that the put up on posters to make people say,"oh dear jebus! im going to start taking birth control so that doesn't end up poping out of me."
"you are the poster child for birth control."
by bhrome April 04, 2004
waxing the carrot, choking the bishop, jacking the beanstock, yankee-ing the doodle,peting the one eyed wonder weasel, waxing the wood, caulking the cracks, jacking off, wanking.
"Oh dear jebus, jimmy is spanking the monkey in class!!!"
by bhrome April 06, 2004
a fill in the blank word, used for just about anything.
dude, that was so shibby! you did this shibby shibby, then you shibbied the shibby out of that stupid shibby over there! shibby!
by bhrome April 08, 2004