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Typical strategy for dealing with bosses in online games such as World of Warcraft. The "tank" character goes up and absorbs most of the boss's damage, while the other characters "spank" the boss by dealing as much damage as possible without distracting the boss from the tank.
Anything I should know about this boss?
He has an aggro reset at 50%, but otherwise he's just spank and tank.
by Sir Yelof April 30, 2007
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A corruption of Tank and Spank.

tank (n.) - A tank is a character that survives large amounts of damage which fights on the battlefront and enables glass cannon builds to succeed. As a drawback, most tank builds aren't able to deal much damage back to the enemy because all their gear is focused on surviving.

tank (v.) - The process of a player tanking and taking all the damage saving other characters from death.

spank (v.) - The action of dealing loads of damage back to the enemy and thus punishing them.

tanking and spanking (v.) - The process of a tank doing his job but also dealing a considerable amount of damage back to the enemy.
Example 1. Damn monk! You can tank and spank!

Example 2. That dude is tanking and spank! Unbelievable!

Example 3.
Player A: Wow you can spank and tank!
Player B: Get it right. Its tank and spank not spank and tank!
by Ultimater September 12, 2012
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