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The art of having sex in a spa / hot tub.
i.e. Spa / banging
Man, I was at this hotel the other night, and this chick totally wanted it. So we spanged all night long (All niiight). Spanging is epic.
by Sir Spangalot May 11, 2012
1 18
(V) The act of asking for spare change.
We could spange enough to get some smokes.
by SpiSpi June 22, 2005
116 16
Begging for spare change at freeway on/off ramps and in front of stores with or without a sign.
The economy is so bad, it is common to see people spanging on freeway exits and on busy corners.
by Berryblue July 24, 2009
22 4
how i make my living
"top of the morning to you, skum. hey, lets go spange for some beer.."
by gutter girl September 26, 2004
47 43
To smack that troll-faced moron from The Ting Tings in the face with a spade.
"I was spanging her for a while until my arms got tired, and now they're both going under my new patio" - twentynine
by twentynine July 10, 2008
15 51