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In the game Counter Strike Source, a counter terrorist is skum (worthless garbage that needs to be humiliated and sliced into little pieces with a knife).
Lets humiliate the CT skum!!! HUMILIATION!!!
by STUNTMAN [1337 CT HUMILIATOR] April 09, 2008
Of or relating to the group of bmx'ers characterized by greasy hair, shitty attitudes, often missing front two teeth, in times poor education and grammar, and are more commonly found residing in Arizona. Can also refer to something as being "skummy."
skum of the earth
skum love
pond skum
skum cave/lair
"Dude Gary, your skum."
by sixtyfifen February 19, 2008
Adjective used to describe a creature as a awkwardly blossomous positive contributed to a squad or kick line team. Great sense of humour and taste in clothing. Enjoys 5sos and flannels. Daddy kink. Christmas AF. Not to be confused with scum
Skum: Bye I have to go to seventh period.
Tori: Stay skummy!
Kiki: As if she wouldn't??
by SEJVAKEEKS December 20, 2014
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