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(V) The act of asking for spare change.
We could spange enough to get some smokes.
by SpiSpi June 22, 2005
(N) A person who states that they are a Christian, believe in Christian values, and may even preach the gospel, yet are hateful and unforgiving. Such a person will often talk of the love of Jesus, will talk of morals, will talk of doing good, but will hold people to high expectations, may be judgmental, and extremely prideful.
Kirsten is such a hypochristian. She talks of forgiveness and all that other crap, but she's still mad at me for that fight we had over a year ago!
by SpiSpi June 19, 2005
(N); A person who acts out violently with frustration. This person may throw things, yell, scream, and assault people. A stryte has what is referred to as "fits" and often acts in a child-like manner.
Eric is such a stryte. He knocked over the desk as he was leaving Mrosla's class.
by SpiSpi June 21, 2005
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