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1) The sound of someone being hit in the face, or over the head, with a shovel. Onomatapoeic.

2) The act of doing this - hence spanging, spanged, spanger.
"'E was like, "Your bird's a right munter!", but I've got me shovel 'andy, so I goes SPANG! Right in the chops. Wicked."
by Him. July 02, 2004
A kind of ringing, clashing noise made by hitting metal objects.
I hit this guy with a frying pan. It went SPANG!
by Rankin June 15, 2004
1) n. The sound of someone being hit in the face by a spade. v. the act of doing this.

2) n. Someone whose natural features are disfigured and contorted such that they resemble a person that has been spanged, either as a result of spanging or through poor genetic inheritance.
Dude, I know you were so absolutely munted that even Margaret Thatcher would've seemed hot, but jeez, how could you? She was a total spang! I mean, like, I'd rather ravish your mother a thousand times than even contemplate what you did last night ...
by The Filthy One June 02, 2005
1. A good sense of style and moves
2. To use a show out a move in a skilled manner
3. To learn how to do some new shiz
1. "Biotch, i gots so much Spang i could kill you and play Tetris at the same time."
2. "I'm gonna drop some Spang foo!"
3. "He got dropped in the pool of Spang and learned some Matrix moves"
4. "Richard Lao got mad much Spang"
by Pseduonym/ Richard Lao December 15, 2004
The act of anal copulation.
That test really spanged me!
Those guys over there are spangbangers.
#fuck #anal #penis #rape #german
by educator96 May 17, 2012
the bunching of a collared shirt underneath a sweater vest.
pull down your shirt, your spanging.
#spanging #spangster #spangmuch #spangful #spangly
by christiefitchems. October 10, 2006
To be happily discombobulated on drugs.
Look at Chris he's gone completely spang!
#discombobulated #wankered #fucked #straight #sober
by Ms Spooky January 01, 2006
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