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Family members that forward spam to you.
I am tired of recieving mail from my spamily.
by Chris September 20, 2004
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Those friends and relations who only bother to keep in touch through endless forwarded spam, email chain letters and other pointless inbox fillers.
Dude, you have fifty emails in your inbox - you must have a lot of friends.
No - I just have a big spamily.
by Just Bacon September 28, 2008
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Spam-ily, A Family that continuously spams all their friends and relatives daily with photos of their children etc via means such as facebook and instagram.
Ive seen way too much of that spamily lately!
by anti spam March 10, 2012
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Relatives who consistantly forward spam emails, chain letters, and or alarmist propoganda.
John's mother sent him an email about another urban legend believing it to be true, prompting John to set her email account as spam, with his other spamily.
by victrin July 13, 2009
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