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In RTS gaming online, where a large amount of cheaply produced units are sent at your base towards your woefully unprepared units.
RTS nerd - I hate you, you spammer. You totally spammed my base with *insert irritating unit here*. You idiot! That was a total spam attack!

RTS nerd 2 - L0lz0rz. n00b.
by John J Jingleharmer Schmidt March 11, 2008
A spam attack is an electronic attack with the intention to harm a site/user. Making the medium unusable because it has been swarmed with useless or very offensive messages.
Characteristics of a spam attack are the following:

- Often, a new account has been created to do the spam attack
- When the account is banned immediatly a new account is created to continue the spam attack
- The user attempts to make the forum unreadable or unusable
- The user posts nearly the exact same message over and over again, all he does is copy and paste the same message and click the post button.
- These messages often contain offensive material like porn, pictures, racial slurs, flames towards staff and alike. Sometimes it is just a lot of unreadable text or ALL caps messages.
by Nessaj November 11, 2007
to use your fastest attack as many times as possible in an rpg game
(such as Wow)
"hey mifune, spam attack that boss with your fire bomb attack"
"ok spamming engage"
by crobo September 16, 2009
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