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a spasticly retarded individual, who cant tell their arse from their elbow
that sam is such a spaktard
by jefi b December 07, 2004
Referring to the students of a West Yorkshire (UK) university/college (TASC)

They are neither a Spastic nor a Retard but a mixture of both. They have very little common sense, life experience and are often ill educated and merely a government statistic.
'You SpakTard'
by DollyGirl86 May 12, 2009
a little man who seems to be incontinent and has a wierd sense of humor. can be found at any local place but particularly hanging in the centre of town with absolutly nothing to do.
that guy is such a spakTARD
by H3ll15h g0d January 19, 2009
<Burtoner> i would have to be on drugs to be on drugs:P
by Pat Butcher March 11, 2004

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