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A person who exhibits the quality of being way too hood for normal vocabulary words to suffice, while at the same time eating, cooking or just staring at spaghetti.
Cowtipper11 is so spaghetto when he eats spaghetti off the floor.
by Cowtipper11 April 17, 2009
Spaghetto is a type of food, mainly for poor people. Spaghetto is in essence, spaghetti with large amounts of ketchup on it.
Antwon was running a little short on cash, so he made some spaghetto.
by Charli3 November 04, 2007
The bad parts of Italy. Don't drop the meatball. Don't get choked by a noodle.
Yo, we goin' to da spaghetto. Better bring a noodle do- we don't wanna get in a fight unarmed. Watch out for the gingers too, they'll vomit tomato sauce which burns your flesh off.
by DucksCrossing June 05, 2014
when u make spaghetti with tomato paste or ketchup instead of spaghetti sauce
Man with this recession i can't even afford spaghetti sauce i had to settle for that spaghetto.
by armenti February 21, 2010
Its spaghetti, only ghetto!
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
Spaghetti made with less than half a pound of ground beef, rot ass vegetables and hand-squeezed tomatoe sauce.
Guy1:Ma-Man! wat shit is this?
Guy2:it's spaghetto foO!!
by po-diddy August 18, 2007
Jewl Brand Spaghetti sold in aurora
If Your walkin through the ghetto,(Aurora)
And Your Cravin Somthin yellow
Just Melt some Cheese,
Pass the noodles Please
It's "Spaghetto!"

If You're livin' in a box,
and you're cravin' somthin hot
It's not to pricy,
less than ricy
It's "Spaghetto!"

From the people who Brought you
Ghetto Flakes, and the disposable Fish
by Pimpn' Ben July 22, 2003