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n. an orgasmicly amazing tasting biscuit
gimme a custard cream damnit!
by Lianne Gray November 30, 2003
Pejerotive term for a white homosexual who has unprotected anal sex. Originated in the 1960s in the northwest mining/steel production town of Workington in the UK.
That guy's definitely gay. I bet his arse looks like a custard cream.
by Ted Holliday September 02, 2013
During sex, when the man lays on top of the girl, the girl sprays milk onto the man's chest. The man lets it drip onto the girl and stirs it with his penis, sometimes masturbating into it, until he has a thick mixture on the girl's tits.
She needed a shower after Andrew gave her a custard cream.
by Harry Toba February 05, 2014

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