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Colloquial and affectionate term for the female genitalia. Possibly originated from "The Picture" magazine in Australia during the 1990s. See also "Smoo".
She has a fine body with a very cute spadger
by The Basilisk May 24, 2006
An old english common name for house-sparrow or field-sparrow. Often a nickname for a petty thief.

As a term of endearment used by parents as a nickname based on physical atrributes or eating habits.
There's a right cheeky spadger that keeps peeping at me from the gutter through my bedroom window.
by spadge January 25, 2013
A wily creature who will often invade homes using invisibility and cause mischief under the guise of an evil of spirit or demon.
"Dude did you see that film paranormal activity?"
"The one with the spadger?"
"yeah dude, pesky spadger"
by Strange tamer November 02, 2013
-noun A MILF spotter, usually with a copy of the iSpy Book Of MILFs. Collectively, Spadgers
Did you see that Spadger outside the tube station? He was definitely "filling his book" after the over-40s pilates class finished at the local gym
by osc23 February 24, 2012
this would be a term that a male can use to point out a nice looking or attractive
spadger left or spadger right

spagde hunter

got find myself a spadge
by jake cary-edwards June 26, 2007
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