Spade, is a name given to a black person much like nigger But not in a friendly Fashion.
Your a Spade
Your mums a Spade
by Friendly sleepy March 10, 2009
shady people....
Those girls are just a bunch of spades.
by Marty October 01, 2003
Spade; A type of short shovel, Spades; A card game or merely a suit of playing cards.
I'm going to have to beat you in the face with that damn spade if you don't shut the hell up about my momma yo' nigga'. I am pretty damn beast at spades; the card game.
by Etrigan October 03, 2003
It means to have something positively, right across the board.

Spades in a deck of cards is considered the highest point counting group of cards of the four suits in the deck. To have it in spades, means you are fortunate to have the highest level of satisfaction, or respect, or integrity or whatever you can refer to being the best of the best

Without question and beyond doubt
EX1: Minnesota girls have hotness in spades!
EX2: She has dance moves in spades.
by Urbanator#1 January 09, 2012
One of the nicknames given to the job of mortarman in the U.S. military, in reference to the fact that mortarmen are not necessarily on the direct front lines. It is under the belief that a mortar team sits in the "rear" waiting for a fire mission to send rounds down range, while playing the card game "spades", a game that can be very long, and easy to pick up if interrupted.
PFC Schmuckatelli may be a dumb machine gunner, but at least he ain't a lazy spade
by skafiend167 August 04, 2009
Space aids
Shit man when I was vacationing on Risa 7 I met this Kardashian and she gave me spades.
by jesus.son March 02, 2011
the symbol of bros
a sure sign that someone is a bro is if they rep a spade, wear long socks, rock srh, wear baggy dickies, wear spys sunglasses, listen to kottonmouth kings, obsessed with southern california {ie so cal 909}, drive black pick-up trucks, and say DGAF
Chris: why the fuck is nick obsessed with the spade?
Kyle: cuz that fools a bro
by plo4life January 31, 2008

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