the tightest card game ever.
you guys wanna play some spades after school?
by waf March 01, 2004
Prestigious gang founded in 2010 by the King of Spades. Rankings start from Hearts to Spades, starting with 2 and ending with King. Aces and Jokers denote special units.
Hey man, I'm a 10 of Hearts dont mess with me!

Yo dont mess with ME im a Jack of Spades.
by King Spades May 23, 2010
the symbol of bros
a sure sign that someone is a bro is if they rep a spade, wear long socks, rock srh, wear baggy dickies, wear spys sunglasses, listen to kottonmouth kings, obsessed with southern california {ie so cal 909}, drive black pick-up trucks, and say DGAF
Chris: why the fuck is nick obsessed with the spade?
Kyle: cuz that fools a bro
by plo4life January 31, 2008
1) a card game that is usually played in groups of four people

2) a set in the blood gang that originated in Kansas and is rapidly growing
I wouldn't mess with those guys because they are all wearing red and they just look like they are spades.
by no999n January 27, 2008
Spades is another word for mack or hitting on. In other words, when you try and hit on a person for sex or their number.
'Oh there goes Jerry trying to spade that chick again, I wonder if he'll get her into bed.'
by Me March 24, 2003
A white person who acts like a ghetto black person.
Hey look at that white guy, he's such a spade.
by Anonymous 1234567890987654321 April 25, 2010
1. (verb) to make smalltalk with someone with the single intention of softening them up for a later seduction attempt. To put in some "ground work".

2. (noun) the metaphorical implement with which one carries out a spading operation
1. Man, check out Dave. He is totally spading those three co-eds.

2. "Hey Dave! Can I get you a spade?"
by snookums July 19, 2005
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