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like a retard.

but with extra spasticness.
well, anyone could be a spacktard. but in this case, it's you.
by lordblunkey May 13, 2005
A spastic retard
Sean is a spacktard.
by Paul January 22, 2004
A mix of the words spacker and retard used against sum one who acts as if they are disabled.
Rob:Hew man, stop bein a spacktard.
Retard: I canit help it, im an inbred!
by Bryanttie April 06, 2009
The type of person who rather worryingly takes photos of their own nosehairs or similar.
"Are you taking photos of your nosehair? Why are you doing that you spacktard!?"
by Spacktardacular February 25, 2010
a mixture between a mental person, and a retard. normally found in 'special' classrooms in school. also try to act like they are the total opposite and make themselves like a chav but fail.
Jewson: yarr d'ya wanna come listen to sum bangin' tunez?

Normal human: don't talk to me you freak.

Jewson: ewww, i will bang you out!

Normal human: you have your trakkies on the wrong way round, i doubt it!

Jewson: ya wot, dis iz ow ya wear 'em
(human translation - this is how you wear them)

Normal person: get back on the special bus you spacktard!

Jewson: narrrr....(skips off to bus)
by eatrob September 04, 2009