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The city of newcastle and the towns of Gateshead, Morpeth, Ashington, Cramlington, Whickham and even as far as Hexham and the surrounding area. This does NOT include Sunderland.
I come from Geordieland
by Bryanttie April 06, 2009
A mix of the words spacker and retard used against sum one who acts as if they are disabled.
Rob:Hew man, stop bein a spacktard.
Retard: I canit help it, im an inbred!
by Bryanttie April 06, 2009
Probly the most offensive word off a 6 year old. It is derived from Wayne off the Cramp Twins and little shit like to immitate him so they can pretend to be tough in front of all the other kids.
Boy Aged 6:Hey, You're a girl pants.

Boy aged 10: Go and fuck yourself you little moron.
by Bryanttie April 07, 2009

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