A word used by social rejects who have no life and sit at home playing call of duty all day. Also the most offensive word a 7 year old schoolboy could come up with. In other words complete fuckin idiots.
OMG that noob just killed me the fucking spacker.

Kid: Mom pass me the spliff
Mom: Where is it?
Kid: Your toking it you fucking spacker
by durkadurka muhammajihad February 19, 2009
the worst way to describe Lethal Jizzle
"man I got spacker right in her eye"
by Scozzle December 17, 2007
when a spick and a cracker have babies they are called spackers
Joe: You see that hottie over there?
Harry: Which one?
Joe: the Spacker over there in the red shirt
Harry: o hell yeah she's fine. Bet shes got a spatch patch
by isaacrocksmysocks December 09, 2007
A mix between a spic and a cracker.
Yo waz up spacker!!
by Big Johnny Caramel Chapstick June 19, 2010
The most offensive word in the world, usually used towards anyone with a disability. Anyone who uses this word ought to be brutally tortured. (I was born deaf)
Random guy: He's a Spacker cos he is in a wheelchair.

Me: *grabs him and knees him in the balls*
by .:[Elitestreuner}:. October 22, 2009
A hacker that wants to Spam you with short e-mail messages
A Spacker will send Spam to your e-mail address
by Bruce Cooper May 19, 2007
Person possessing all the common attributes of practioner or spacking.
That's some good spacking there. You're a Grade A spacker!
by The John January 01, 2005

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