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offensive term used to call a very dark complected hispanic person. Combines the offensive ethnic slur "spic" with the offenisve ethnic slur of african american dissent, "nigger".
Yo' that fucken spanig just tried to buy a $3.00 crack rock with $2.00 and 4 quarters !!!
by Weeize November 24, 2006
a short puerto rican/hispanic male
Yo' you so short and so insignificant, u a fucken spec!!!
by Weeize November 24, 2006
a caucasion looking hispanic person. highly offensive term spic (offensive term used against hispanic people) and cracker (offensive term used against caucasion people)are combined to create this word
Yo' check that spacker out? He is so white, he almost look like a cracker.
by Weeize November 24, 2006

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