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Used in reference to a girl or woman who has a good tit to ass ratio. Usually someone you would hook up with.
Damn, she's grade A.
by ABigJohnson November 14, 2009
a mid atlantic/ southern term for eating the box
As soon as I get back I'm callin him for some of that Grade A
by PsychoNutBalls April 16, 2010
The highest quality, refering to a girls ass.
"That is grade A quality meat"
by B-Stange April 14, 2003
use this word when refereing to something good and/or discribing something thats totally fucking awesome!
guy 1:yeah dude, you know that hot ethiopian chick!?! i tapped that ass!! TWICE!!

guy 2: Dude!! that fucking grade A!! NICE!
by hfjhahfk January 20, 2009

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