When your getting the spins and the whole room seems to be spinning so fast it feels like your taking off into outer space
Last weekend i was in a spaceship all the way to mars
by BH46 April 26, 2010
Top Definition
a fully loaded new car, typically with navigation, dvd players, playstation, xbox, television screens, or GPS
We pulled up at the club in a 2007 spaceship and all the hoes was jockin' cuz!!!
by jballer December 07, 2006
A large cigar gutted and filled with weed. A large blunt.
Adam and I bought a big ass cigar and turned that bitch into a spaceship.
by STR33X December 14, 2011
A game played by getting high on a hallucinogenic drug, like acid, and laying down to look up at the sky.
Steves not hurt, hes just playing spaceship
by snarping turtle April 22, 2011
A tumerous flabby gravity defying stomach which appears like a spaceship or flying saucer sticking out over the top of trousers. This deformity caused by obesity and extreme over-indulgence is also know as a spare tyre.
This should be another listed body shape like pear apple ect.
Margret can't get any trousers because she has a huge spaceship!

Margret couldn't fit through the doorway because her spaceship had too great a diametre.
by spawn of lynnie January 31, 2011
When two guys work together to finger a female.

Often uses the index finger of both men, locked together in a sacred bond of brotherhood.
"Hey Jim, I totally spaceshipped that girl with Todd the other day!"

"No way man, you and Todd are like closer then brothers now!"
by Moist Muffin November 21, 2009
Can mean a type of crack pipe, looks kinda like a small orb of glass w/ a short stem and a bowl on top of it.
Spaceships beat the hell outta chasin' the dragon.
by mike March 19, 2004
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