Mel Brooks' best movie, and one of the funnyest movies ever made, next to Airplane!
"Spaceball One"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 13, 2003
Top Definition
Colonel Sandurz: How about you two? Found anything yet?
Black Gaurd: We ain't found shit!

Colonel Sandurz: It's Mega-Maid! She's gone from suck to blow!

Dark Helmet: I bet she gives great helmet.

Ludicrous speed, GO!

Dark Helmet: Out of order? FUCK! Even in the future, nothing works!

President Skroob: Sandurz, Sandurz. You got to help me. I don't know what to do. I can't make decisions. I'm a president!

Dark Helmet: So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because "good is dumb."

Dark Helmet: What's the matter Colonel Sandurz? Chicken?

Dark Helmet: Who made that man a gunner?
Maj. Asshole: I did, sir. He's my cousin.
Dark Helmet: Who is he?
Col. Sandurz: He's an Asshole, sir.
Dark Helmet: I know that. What's his name?
Col. Sandurz: That is his name, sir. Asshole, Major Asshole.
Dark Helmet: And his cousin?
Col. Sandurz: He's an Asshole too, sir. Gunner's Mate, First Class, Philip Asshole.
Dark Helmet: How many Assholes we got on this ship, any how?
Everyone: Yo!
Dark Helmet: I knew it. I'm surrounded by Assholes. Keep firing, Assholes!

Dark Helmet: You have the ring, and I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now, let's see how well you handle it.

Dark Helmet: WHAT? You went over my helmet?

Dark Helm.: What the hell am I looking at? When does this happen in the movie?
Colonel Sandurz: Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now is happening now.
Dark Helm.: What hapened to then?
Colonel Sandurz: We passed then.
Dark Helm.: When?
Colonel Sandurz: Just now. We're at now now.
Dark Helm.: Go back to then.
Colonel Sandurz: When?
Dark Helm.: Now!
Colonel Sandurz: Now?
Dark Helm.: Now!
Colonel Sandurz: I can't.
Dark Helm.: Why?
Colonel Sandurz: We missed it.
Dark Helm.: When?
Colonel Sandurz: Just now.
Dark Helm.: When will then be now?
Colonel Sandurz: Soon.

Dark Helm.: Knock on my door! Knock next time!
Colonel Sandurz: Yes, sir!
Dark Helm.: Did you see anything?
Colonel Sandurz: No, sir! I didn't see you playing with you dolls again.
Dark Helm.: Good!

Guard: What the hell are you doing?
Lone Star: The Vulcan neck pinch?

Dark Helm.: Raspberry. There's only one man who would dare give me the raspberry: Lone Star!"
We will see eachother again in Spaceballs Two: The Search for More Money.
by Zack H. (pro TDer) March 27, 2005
awesome movie by mel brooks
we brake for nobody
by punk as fuck May 14, 2004
best movie spoof ever by mel brooks
spaceballs kicks ass
by rhcpgod August 13, 2003
The most mofo funny take the piss out of star wars film ever made
by Meady October 06, 2003
Phencyclidine (PCP) used on Crack cocaine. Space balls will fuck up yo day. Rarely seen, because most of the population thinks the experience is horrible, dangerous, and terrifying, and a good crack head thinks its a waste of cook up.
I figured it would be a good idea to try a space ball one time in my life, but now I'm not allowed to enter Canada for six years, and I have to stay 100 ft away from all Mennonite churches.
by ThaDudesBro August 25, 2006
Another word for tea bagging.
"Space balls is the best"
by Yesi December 01, 2004

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