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Part of Americas plan to try and alienate themselves from other far better countries until all the world hates them. Once America is alone they will then proceed to nuke the vrap out of any country that dares to oppose them, Anyway looks like the joke is on the Americans, because the great symbol of Americanism that is the statue of liberty is French HAHAAHAHAHAHA FOOLS!!
by Meady October 25, 2003
The most mofo funny take the piss out of star wars film ever made
by Meady October 06, 2003
A word meaning excellent or amazing
thats a belta car you've got there
by Meady October 06, 2003
A fictional character in my mind with no particular reason to exist....
by Meady October 06, 2003
A hybrid of the words 'fabulous' and 'fantastic' for when neither of them are enough by them selves
holy shit you look fantabulous
by Meady October 06, 2003
interlectually superior people who are comfortable enough in who they are to find more important things to do in life than get wrecked, and gossip endless hours away
by Meady October 06, 2003
Spiffing, but with a minor typo
by Meady October 06, 2003

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