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When a man inserts his "junk" into a woman's ass (junk), then exits and starts having missionary sex after the residue from inside the woman's butt (poop) is left on the man's penis.

"When a space ship enters a dock, or dock "2" (The Butt (Taking a #2 refers to taking a dump; hence "dock 2")), but then re-docks into sector 1 (The Vagina), in result, leaving her with a high risk of getting a kidney infection or any other related venereal disease."
Ex: "Space Docking"

Jim: Dude Sally was all over you last night. Where did you go?
Me: We went to pound town! She was wasted so I gave it to her from behind, then she turned over and I started f***in her p**sy.

Jim: You space docked her?
Me: I don't know, but she said she's been sick all day.
Jim: At least you're not obligated to hang out with her now.
Me: She's a homie-hopper, she had it coming.
by kushnpuss April 30, 2013
37 36
When a man shits into a womans vagina.
Brian squatted over her, lined it up, and began space docking.
by GarethLJ April 03, 2006
3165 1582
The act of defecating directly into one's vagina. Like a space ship attempting to dock to a space station, "space docking" involves very accurate control and near-perfect alignment of the two orifices.
"Hey baby, want to try space docking tonight?"
by cyberpimp April 02, 2006
1821 1092
the once common, now lost art of pooping into a girl's vagina, space docking is enjoying a resurgence of popularity, particularly in the midwestern and northeastern United States (most notably Chicago and New York City) that reminds many art historians/scatologists of the beginning of the renaissance that began in Italy in the 15th Century.
Sally didn't much appreciate Charlie's failure to disclose that he ate three bowls of chili before space docking with her last night.
by The Whaler March 15, 2006
1350 793
the act of crapping in a woman's vagina, thereby filling it with feces
The spacedocking Kirk gave Allyson on Saturday night was massive and warm.
by TCgo September 20, 2006
344 198
Two objects namely one uncircumcised penis, and one other penis gently come together into a tip to tip union. once touching, the uncircumcised male then proceeds to encapsulate the other mans shaft creating a perfect vacuum seal.
Me and my jew bro went space docking last night... i was stuck for hours.
by Tates726 February 24, 2013
233 133
When a man with a erect uncircumcised penis extends his foreskin over the tip of another erect penis (circumcised or non).
Bobby: We were touching tips and then he started space docking me
Andre: Ooooooh that's hot.
by JohnsonNoJ March 05, 2014
21 3
Whereby a male or female human being deficates from his or her anus into the wide-open vagina of a female human being. Not to be confused with male on male or female on female poo-scissors, similar homosexual oriented sex acts, or any other non-human animal related "docking" act, which is just wrong.
"Dude, we were talking about spacedocking, and then she just opened her box and I spacedocked her with a monster turd."
by Cleveland McDuck March 26, 2009
73 58