Whereby a male or female human being deficates from his or her anus into the wide-open vagina of a female human being. Not to be confused with male on male or female on female poo-scissors, similar homosexual oriented sex acts, or any other non-human animal related "docking" act, which is just wrong.
"Dude, we were talking about spacedocking, and then she just opened her box and I spacedocked her with a monster turd."
by Cleveland McDuck March 26, 2009
A perverse sexual act involving two people, (one of which must be a female or the act would be classified more accurately as: Glenn-docking) and the exchange of feces.

More specifically:
PartyA(male or female) takes a large to extra-large sized, firm, steamy(optional) shit into partyB(female)'s vagina.
Last night I thought it would be a good idea to try out some space-docking with my wife; I was wrong.... I had just gotten over the flu and my shit was still very soft with some chunks, at first everything was going well as the opening chunk was moving smoothly into her vagina... But then the softer flu-poo came rushing out in a terrible brown flow, (across her stomach and squirting through her butt-cheeks from two different directions). This was a very foolish attempt at a long lost art, and some say myth; I can tell you however it IS possible, with the right woman, and the proper, firm, log-shaped dookie. Needless to say this event ended our thirty-two years of blissful matrimony.
by fknpwnd May 29, 2009
When two men of which one is circumcised and one is not...engaging in a sexual act of putting the circumcised persons penis inside the foreskin of the uncircumcised persons penis. That is a true space dock
Hey Brandon wanna be my space docking partner?
Brandon is a really good space docking station.
by bubbleebottom November 02, 2014
A biodegradable, environmentally friendly dildo. Created by wrapping a long, relatively thick poo in cling film, freezing it, unwrapping it from the clingfilm and using it for said purpose
the batteries on my rampant rabbit have run out so im going to try spacedocking
by Sirry Sausage July 24, 2011
When two men who aren't circumcised stand facing one another and the left guy peels back his own foreskin. The right man makes head-to-head contact with the left and wraps his foreskin around the left's penis. Then the left guy who peeled his own back puts his over the guys who is already covering his penis head, to form an airtight seal.
Two cosmonauts aboard the spacestation got ancy with their homosexual feelings, and decided to try spacedocking.
by Clomer September 23, 2008
When a man inserts his "junk" into a woman's ass (junk), then exits and starts having missionary sex after the residue from inside the woman's butt (poop) is left on the man's penis.

"When a space ship enters a dock, or dock "2" (The Butt (Taking a #2 refers to taking a dump; hence "dock 2")), but then re-docks into sector 1 (The Vagina), in result, leaving her with a high risk of getting a kidney infection or any other related venereal disease."
Ex: "Space Docking"

Jim: Dude Sally was all over you last night. Where did you go?
Me: We went to pound town! She was wasted so I gave it to her from behind, then she turned over and I started f***in her p**sy.

Jim: You space docked her?
Me: I don't know, but she said she's been sick all day.
Jim: At least you're not obligated to hang out with her now.
Me: She's a homie-hopper, she had it coming.
by kushnpuss April 30, 2013
Frozen human stool (usually male), which is placed within a knotted condom. Each end is placed within the anus of two gay men, who then pleasure themselves.
You don't need that much info!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
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