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A mullet of dreads. Popular among crust punks.
Hey look at that crusties drullet. He's so crust
by human=garbage June 11, 2006
Short term for Myspace
duder #1 - hey whats up dude?
duder #2 - nothing at all. i'm gonna go check the space
by human=garbage August 13, 2006
What you get after drinking a decent amount of the malt beverage Sparks. Turns your tongue orangish-yellow.
Duder #1: I downed a 6 pack of sparks the other night and ended up with sparks tongue.
by human=garbage September 26, 2006
The act of traveling by train
duder #1 - where's phil at?
duder #2 - he's down in san francisco
duder #1 - did he ride the rails down there?
duder #2 - yep
by human=garbage September 01, 2006
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