A space cookie is similar to a space cake, it contains some yummy pot, pollen is a good one to make it with :-) Make them right and cure the munchies at the same time!
You eat space cookies just like space cakes

Are your arms feeling heavy yet? Chill :-)
by It's Bliss June 03, 2006
Top Definition
Don't listen to those other skanks - a space cookie is any baked good with delicious pot in it. Typically a brownie (fudge) or a cookie. Only badasses are allowed to put it in their cereal (milk is allowed).
Man fuck those regular brownies...try some of these!!!
by KillACommyForMommy April 15, 2005
Anomalous object that randomly flies by in the Disneyland ride Space Mountain. Looks like a giant cookie. If left unnoticed, it could threaten the safety of earth.
Booya, I broke the record! I saw the space cookie 9 times in one ride!
by John November 15, 2004
A nutter,a lunatic,space-cadet;foolish person,a rumpkin,a wingnut. A confection enjoyed by astronauts while in orbit.A small amount of information used to fill computer memory space.
That oldest brother of Eileen`s is really a spacecookie!
by osama sallam November 15, 2003
a person who takes an extacy pill and a viagra pill at the same time
Check out that space cookie. His dick is as hard as a rock and he's fucked up!
by me April 27, 2003
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