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Don't listen to those other skanks - a space cookie is any baked good with delicious pot in it. Typically a brownie (fudge) or a cookie. Only badasses are allowed to put it in their cereal (milk is allowed).
Man fuck those regular brownies...try some of these!!!
by KillACommyForMommy April 15, 2005
A vicious move requiring great strength and more importantly a loose ass ho. You start having sex with a girl, get it all beat up like what, and then you just start fisting her. Stuff her like a turkey. Then just as she's about to come you pick her up with your hand inside of her and slam her down. Success.
Skank: Oooooo Ooooooooo Oooooo (that's moaning fools)
Me: Quit making so much noise or I'll hate slam you through the window!
by KillACommyForMommy April 11, 2005
Used for emphasis much like "psh" or "what whatttt". Its founder is the late ODB (RIP). This word is mainly used when dealing with skanks, ho's, bitches, sluts, haters, and in rare cases even teachers (she must be a raging bull dyke).
ODB: Nmph! Baby Girl now gimmme my money!
Gangbanger: Girl get over here and park that ass on me, Nmph!

Teacher Reference:
Evan: Damn Eileen you gimme one more B and I'll split your wig! Nmph!
by KillACommyForMommy April 11, 2005
When you get fucked by the order of shit. Typically when smoking if get stuck sucking on a nasty roach, or you get the end of a sweet pack bol pack. Could be in sports or popcorn reading.
PP: Shit Pat you just got the monkey rotation don't hate on me for it.

Evan: Yea that hit had skank written all over it...Nmph!
by KillACommyForMommy April 15, 2005
A state of euphoria. Some say this phrase is from a porno, some say it is the goonies. Use it wisely.
Bryan: Who is that?
Evan: Lindsay Lohan
Bryan: Goo!
by KillACommyForMommy April 11, 2005
to dominate - taking a shit that results in massive relief. Usually happens after a night of hard drinking or after a Wednesday night at Giuseppe's All You Can Eat Wing Night.
Evan: Dude, Patrick, we gotta go man the place is gonna close in 20 minutes!
Patrick: OK man, I'll be right out I gotta go dominate.
Evan: Give it Hell man, Give it Hell.
by KillACommyForMommy March 23, 2005
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