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n. A person who tends to space out often. He or she does not respond when directly spoken to. The space cadet is not necessarily a person of low intelligence or a heavy drug user, but rather one who is so easily lost in reverie that he or she loses all awareness of the surrounding physical world.
Don't bother trying to get her attention, she's being a space cadet.
by ginsoakedgirl July 23, 2004
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one that is spacey, that isn't always there
"Holly is such a space cadet, she catches on so slowly"
by Morgan Alexandra February 14, 2008
Someone who just spaces out all the time, usually when they should be doing something productive instead.
I was a Space-Cadet in history class, so I missed all the assignments and I'm going fail this stupid course!
by Shawn B. April 02, 2003
Salfordian slang often accompanied by various other slang words, it's normally said in jest but can also be used in anger if the correct wording is used. 'Space-Cadet' is used for describing an Empty headed person that does things so stupid that you can't help but stand in amazement shaking your head thinking "any normal person with half a brain just would not do that'

Not to be confused with 'Space-Man' as that is used to describe a person that has been smoking the widely cultivated plant we all know as 'cannabis..'
IN JEST: Ha-ha, what did you expect to happen when you put your wet finger in that plug socket your a Propa Fecking Space-Cadet you..

by therocketmaster March 10, 2014
A person who is high on drugs.
I'm a mafuckin spacecadet.
by chantellesdflkaw May 18, 2006
To be in space, totally out of any conversation.
My mom is a space cadet, she never remembers anything i say. Even when i scream at her.
by augustine peterson horner February 03, 2008
A group of pot-smoking gentlemen who smoke gargantuan amounts of marijuana then go on epic adventures. They have certain hide-outs in which they smoke. This began in may of 2009 and started by two straight months of tent parties.
space cadets hideout, strom's backyard, steezy's attic, etc.
by smokeweed420 December 14, 2009

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