A place where men can get pleasured. Women may also get pleasured. It is one of the most erotic places in the world.
I am going to the S.P.A. to get the manager special.
#pleasure #shelly #spa #sex #prostitution #agency #get.
by GET....SPA May 24, 2010
With its roots originating in north inner city Dublin (circa 1980), the word "spa" remains prevalent amongst Irish youth today.

Spa is an abbreviation of the word spastic which is a medical condition related to muscle spasm or cerebral palsy, however it is important to note that the word spa is not to be taken as offensive to sufferers of these conditions.

It is more commonly used as a light hearted insult regarding idiotic behaviour.

An American equivalent might be asshole while the British counterpart might be plonker.
"George Bush is a complete spa!"
#spa #spastic #tosser #wanker #plonker #asshole #knob #dickhead #gobshite #fool #eejit #idiot
by Mee Julie January 01, 2009
SPA- Sexy Piece of Ass
Commonly used to describe a girl who has a nice pair of buttocks
Guy1: Dammmn, look at that girls fine ass
Guy2: Yeah, total SPA!
#ass #sexy #buttocks #anus #fine
by SPA ;) August 18, 2010
Spa, is another word used for the word friend. Commonly used by chavs in South Wales, it is commonly thought to have come from the Newport area, home to Goldie Lookin Chain, which also use the word regularly in their songs.
"Arite spa?!?! Hows it fukin' goin' mate? Got ne fags?"
#friend #spa #bra #clart #mate #companion
by Smurfy16 December 02, 2005
Some People are Sad
Often used to refer to pathetic, lowlife cretins who usually have a unusual fascination with a certain object or item The SPA word can also be mutated to form other insults such as: spaf - some people are fat.
Linda Statts: Oh yeah..they've got a website for the Russian Pipeline on here too.

Gareth Evans: S.P.A.S
by Richard =D November 18, 2004
Term used to describe a Joint.
Pass over that fat Spa

This Spa is Mehd
#joint #spliff #weed #marijuana #bong
by Mr. Mehd September 15, 2010
When you want something but don't know what exaclty.
Mum: Pizza or Salad for lunch Ben?
Ben: Niether, do we have any.... I don't know, Spa?
#undecided #spah #unknown #want #need
by FredTheNetWorm August 01, 2011
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