Americanized version of Irish slang describing someone who is trying too hard or filled with unoriginal ideas.

An individual action can also be described as spa.
Listen Andrew, you can go to the smart casual party dressed in tight jeans and poofy shirt if you want but you'll be freakin' spa.
by Hepcat from Kilkenney November 02, 2006
S. P. A.
pronounced (spahhh)
small penis alert
rhonda - i hear that guy dominic is a spa
ben - really? i thought he had a chode
by rawrawrararwrawr June 01, 2006
a group of graffiti artists
shall we go do some graffiti yeh lets get everyone in spa together and go
by Area March 16, 2004
Acronym meaning Sex, Pot, Alcohol
I hope to achieve SPA tonight.
by Qing March 26, 2007
Abbreviation for "suckling pig" or "piglet" meaning a completely harmless and helpless individual. Not usually used in a complete sentence. Sometimes used in to greet friends while holding a long winded 'ah' sound in a deeper than normal octave.
Surfer dude#1: "Hey my rad brother!"
Surfer dude#2: "Spaaaaaa!"
by Dehunda June 09, 2005
Sexiest TF player ever to live.
SEX GOD stared upon by many glorious women
by Quinny March 02, 2004
Abbreviation for Super Powerful Amphetamine.
Dont take SPA kids.
Do you want some SPA?
Where can i find some SPA.
by Boris Spasov October 10, 2006

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