"Spa" or "Schpaa" is a word that's very common in the projects of Oslo.
Spa is a word meaning Good or Nice.

there's also a norwegian movie of young Thugs Called "Shcpaaa"
"Wow Brutha! Look at that ride over there man!"
"owee! thats "Spa" Man!!

"how was the movie last night man?!
"it was good."
"ok. Spa,spa"
by Lamin Jackson December 30, 2007
Complete idiot
Your such a spa. How did you not know that?
by Piaras Kelly May 06, 2004
idiot, fool

abbreviation of spastic, physically or mentally impaired (e.g., Christy Brown of My Left Foot)
Don't ask him; he's a complete spa.
by mellymel June 10, 2004
Word used in conjunction with the phrase "you knows it."
You knows it spa!
by Anonymous December 09, 2002
1.Shitty Player Award
2.That one player that always fucks up a good play.
"Nice play Enrique trying to hold the SPA for the third year in the row."-Giovanni
"Shut up."-Enrique
by Ej the prp April 17, 2008

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