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25 definitions by philanewbie

Baby Daddy is the most common male first name in Filthadelphia due to the large number of males who seemingly have no name.
Shaquisha - There go my baby daddy.

Shaquantilla - No dat my baby daddy.

Shaniqua - No you hos he my baby daddy.
by philanewbie November 27, 2009
When one commits acts freely (like posing nude or doing a sex tape) and then blames the liberal media for twisting it out of context.
Reverend Bubba pulled a "prejean" after he was arrested for propositioning that undercover cop.
by philanewbie November 10, 2009
"and Spa " is often added by business owners to "class up" their business or make it grander than it is. Usually added to salon, inn and hotel names. Usually "and Spa" translates to "the establishment has running tap water".
I'm going to get my hair done at Shaniqua's Weaves and Spa.
by philanewbie December 17, 2009
A large, roundish, african american woman who has converted to islam while still keeping her inner city roots. Burka Bitches seem to be exceedingly common in center city and north philadelphia.
Shaniqua - Look at dat burka bitch thinkin she is all dat.

Shaquisha - Gurrrl, I knew her when she was just Lakeisha Washington.
by philanewbie September 20, 2009
Reference to Philadelphia's location and status as the nation's second largest burned out ghetto/city. Detroit is clearly the reigning champion of ghettoness.
Chad - I'm going to Philly on business next week.

Brad - Be sure and take body armor...they don't call it Detroit on the Delaware for nothing.
by Philanewbie November 05, 2009
Troubletree is a chain of hotels owned by the Hilton brand. Troubletree is known for incompetent staff, inept management and stale chocolate chip cookies.
The worst hotel I have ever stayed at was the Troubletree Chelsea in NYC.
by philanewbie February 28, 2010
SEPTA public transit in the city of Philadelphia. Public transit in Philly is generally used by minorities and lower classes. When others use it, it is ofter referred to as the Ghetto Express.
Dude, I was on the Broad Street Ghetto Express and I seriously thought I was going to get cut.
by Philanewbie June 10, 2009