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by Mike Cap May 07, 2007
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A word unpronounceable by Microsoft Sam.
Microsoft Sam: My roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi soi

You: What the hell is swa?
by The one and only guy July 15, 2009
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A word used in ventrilo that sounds really cool when said by the software's voice.

A word that can emphasize anger or happiness.
Ventrilo voice: "SOI SOI PENIS SOI"

"Ah man, I almost owned that guy, soi soi!

"Haha, take it soi soi!"
by soisoi April 09, 2006
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To smoke the ganja.
Used in some parts of Australia (the hektic cunt area)
"Hey lad come 4 a qik soi brah"

"Yerr m8 that was a mad soi"
by Fgt420blzit July 03, 2016
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In the thai language, small sidestreets branching off a main road.
There's a great massage parlor on Soi 8.
by Superboner November 17, 2010
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Statement of Intent. Telling a girl/guy you are interested in them. Usually sexual.
Him: What do you like most about doing pottery?
Her: You know, I just love molding the clay. It's so satisfying being able to create something with your hands.
Him (SOI): Wow, I love that you're so passionate about that. And you have such a physical enjoyment of it. That's really sexy.
by C.O'B September 10, 2006
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Abbreviation for Sit On It - usually used via text

Made famous by a piece of graffiti on a wall from the intro sequence of 50's sitcom, Happy Days.

Sit On it is equivalent to the brandishing of the middle finger to an enemy and requesting for them to lower themselves onto it. As we have even less time to convey this sentiment in the 21st Century, simply SOI suffices.
Brief text message conversation:

"Hey man, can you drive me to Queens?"

by Benncm July 02, 2011
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