This is the shortened way to say 'sorry' so you can forget 'soz'.

If the person you are saying S.O.W. to forgives you they can reply with S.O.K.
Guy 1: Why do you have my girlfriends underwear in your bedroom?

Guy 2: Oh, uh... Don't be mad but we had sex.

Guy 1: Wow. Thankyou for at least being honest.

Guy 2: Anyway, I am so S.O.W.

Guy 1: S.O.K. man, S.O.K.

Guy 2: So... cool beans?
by Sicksam123 July 23, 2011
Top Definition
a female police officer, a female pig is called a sow
Whenever Julie got pulled over for speeding she would just show a little cleavage and the cops would just let her off with a warning instead of giving her a ticket, but that didn't work when she got pulled over by a sow.
by Michael_Hunt May 26, 2008
Literally a female hog, it has come to be a derogatory term towards women who tend to fit such a description. It can be used as a synonym for words such as slut, bitch, etc.
Thanks for the fucking memories you fucking sow!
by Alex Is Legend March 23, 2006
A woman who prentends to be someone pure or not having strong sexual feelings, but is really a nymphomaniac under her deceptive acts and appearence
She pretends to be such a good girl, but she's nothing more than a sow.
by Bluewolf September 13, 2005
1. A female pig
2. A bitchy skank-ass who everyone hates
3. A disgusting person
The Sow: *belch*
The Other Person: Sow.

by Violetownz December 28, 2007
Acronym for "Spirit of Wolf." A spell in EverQuest that makes your character run much faster than normal. It's considered one of the most valuable spells in the entire game.
"need sow for corpse run!!!!!!!!!111"
by Seer-of-Shadows September 24, 2004
Statement Of Work - Documentation that is used to describe the exact work that will be performed. Used in a business setting, the action of performing a task for a specified amount of money is placed into a SOW. This SOW described exactly what will be performed for that amount of money. Anything outside of the Statement of Work could be negotiated but more or less a new SOW would have to be drafted creating a new task.
A SOW was drafted to build 3 flash banners and it was completed according to the SOW. The client has additional changes to the banners so a new SOW would have to be drafted.
by DDW June 19, 2008
shagging ,sex, fucking
1)im gona be SOWin big tonight

2)I'd rather SOW my mother
by Michael McKinnon November 09, 2008
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