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Strap-on whore; A man who likes to be fucked in the ass by a woman wearing a strap-on
That guy is such a sow. I pounded his ass so hard with my strap-on last night and he loved it.
by mandymanjuice October 20, 2008
16 16
S low, O ld, W ide(s): Portly, barely-moving senior citizen couple who plod the grocery aisles side-by-side w/ their shopping carts. They are oblivious to others trying to pass around them - possibly due to hearing and visual problems.
I would have gotten home sooner from the store if it was for a couple of SOWs blocking me.
by masterlad October 22, 2007
1 3
An overweight beast that resembles some form of a woman. Known for being dim witted and ignorant to the ways of the world
That tech one is some sow!
by imasmellycretin December 13, 2011
6 9
An acronym for "speaking of which", generally used in text chats.
Friend- I just saw the cutest puppy ever!
You- You showed it to me. SOW I got a new puppy.
by Javababa September 18, 2011
4 8
This is the shortened way to say 'sorry' so you can forget 'soz'.

If the person you are saying S.O.W. to forgives you they can reply with S.O.K.
Guy 1: Why do you have my girlfriends underwear in your bedroom?

Guy 2: Oh, uh... Don't be mad but we had sex.

Guy 1: Wow. Thankyou for at least being honest.

Guy 2: Anyway, I am so S.O.W.

Guy 1: S.O.K. man, S.O.K.

Guy 2: So... cool beans?
by Sicksam123 July 23, 2011
1 5
OMG I LOL so hard I SOW.

or, alterately, just:

by Chris(tine) January 26, 2010
4 8
to have sex with someone , the equivalent of fuck/shag
jodie sowed chris in a bush

did jodie and chris have sow?
by JessEll April 17, 2008
8 13