Strap-on whore; A man who likes to be fucked in the ass by a woman wearing a strap-on
That guy is such a sow. I pounded his ass so hard with my strap-on last night and he loved it.
by mandymanjuice October 20, 2008
S low, O ld, W ide(s): Portly, barely-moving senior citizen couple who plod the grocery aisles side-by-side w/ their shopping carts. They are oblivious to others trying to pass around them - possibly due to hearing and visual problems.
I would have gotten home sooner from the store if it was for a couple of SOWs blocking me.
by masterlad October 22, 2007
An overweight beast that resembles some form of a woman. Known for being dim witted and ignorant to the ways of the world
That tech one is some sow!
by imasmellycretin December 13, 2011
An acronym for "speaking of which", generally used in text chats.
Friend- I just saw the cutest puppy ever!
You- You showed it to me. SOW I got a new puppy.
by Javababa September 18, 2011
This is the shortened way to say 'sorry' so you can forget 'soz'.

If the person you are saying S.O.W. to forgives you they can reply with S.O.K.
Guy 1: Why do you have my girlfriends underwear in your bedroom?

Guy 2: Oh, uh... Don't be mad but we had sex.

Guy 1: Wow. Thankyou for at least being honest.

Guy 2: Anyway, I am so S.O.W.

Guy 1: S.O.K. man, S.O.K.

Guy 2: So... cool beans?
by Sicksam123 July 23, 2011
OMG I LOL so hard I SOW.

or, alterately, just:

by Chris(tine) January 26, 2010
to have sex with someone , the equivalent of fuck/shag
jodie sowed chris in a bush

did jodie and chris have sow?
by JessEll April 17, 2008

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