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When you take a crap and it is more liquid than solid. Mostly a liquid shit with some solid chunks thrown in. Usually you know before hand if you are about to make soup because your stomach hurts so bad.
"Hey do you mind if I use your bathroom? I need to make soup."
by KSATT August 21, 2011

especially when it "pours" out
i won't eat that again, it gave me the soups.
by Mrs. Peacock June 22, 2004
A girls ass that is very loose, saggy, and feels unplesant to touch.
Guy 1: "Dude I just totally smacked that chicks ass."

Guy 2: "Eww you touched the soup!"
by qwert333 January 08, 2011
Another word for money.
Of course i can afford that, i'm swimmin in soup.
by V5ive March 22, 2010
Originally from Todd Peterson, dating from March 18, 2005. it's a adjective, usually discribing something cool.
Todd: That was SOUP!
Aaron: yeah, yeah. Okay... That was soup.
by Aaron K March 18, 2005
A tonic wine which goes by the name of Buckfast
You gettin' a bottle o' soup the night?
by Cha! April 16, 2003
When someone gets shot numerous amount of times and is bleeding all over and is then practically just little bits and pieces w/ a lot of blood all over
I be makin' soup in F.E.A.R. 2 w/ the shotgun
by jeef16 February 28, 2009