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A way to badly misspell the word "winner". Commonly seen on i.e the 4chan imageboard.
zomg, u is teh winrar!
by BobTheSilent March 19, 2006
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A program. Or can sometimes mean a winner.
"I opened the file with WinRar."

Tom: "I did it."
Dick: "You Sir, are a WinRar!"
by Lulz is a corruption of L O L October 12, 2007
The overall resulting status for winning over the internet. This status often results with much dancing and cake.
The winrar is you
by International Council of Cakes March 18, 2009
Proper Noun, compression software (I.E. software that combines numerous files into one, relatively small-sized file for distribution) similar to, but more powerful than, the popular program, WinZip. Files generated end in the .RAR extension.
Probably the best way to distribute that file is through, WinRar.
by The Saurd Fysh's Geek Definitions October 21, 2004
Winrar is software used to open/compress .zip files

Winrar is not a free program and politely reminds users they must purchase it after a 40 day free trial
message: Winrar is not free software. After a 40 day trial period you must either buy a license or remove it from your computer.
options: Buy online; How to buy: Close: Help
by raymondus November 26, 2010
Exclamation after an event that involves slaying box, doing something funny, or another memorable action.
Yo I jizzed on that biddie's tits last night. WINRAR!
by AllIDoIsWin February 27, 2010
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