surfer lingo for a mixed up ocean that's all foam and no waves.
"Man the surf sucks today, it's all soup."
by Rickman69 March 04, 2005
Pot, marijuana, weed, cannibas.
I'm gonna grab some beer and soup and get shitfaced.
by asdf January 20, 2005
A greenish foul-smelling fluid served during peak season.
Look Sena! Karuppusamy is in with the soup. Get refreshed and continue your file.
by bali brahmabutt November 24, 2003
Verb. The act of souping. To soup. The act of doing something extremely terrible to someone and then trying to make everything better by making them a delicious bowl of soup.
Girl: When are you gonna make me soup?
Guy: Whenever you get raped!
Girl: Seriously?
Guy: Only if I can be the rapee
Girl: So youre gonna rape me and make me soup?
Guy: I can dig it!
by TRLiedo November 27, 2010
meaning ugly, not the best looking.
Ron: "Man, look at that girl over there.."

Maine: "yeah man she soup, her weave naughty and she look old with huge pimples."
by JazzyBoo:) March 19, 2010
A slang term used by members of the United States Army to describe a fellow soldier whose performance is lacking.

See soup sandwich
"You are SOUP, private! DROP!"
by GaliemVae... oh, fuck it December 06, 2004
Asking any nearby individual if they wish to engage in sexual intercourse.
Would anyone like to Soup!?
by West Geauga March 03, 2011

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