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adj. Origin, Southern New Jersey. To be filled with emotion, like a soup is filled with ingredients. Usually having to do with extreme excitement or anger.
"When Trey said wanted to beat Don's ass, Don got souped and then called his squad"
"When I heard they were giving out 50 Cent tickets to the first 50 people in line I was souped, until I realized I was number 51"
#full of emotion #angry #excited #heated #overjoyed #furious
by ctina September 27, 2005
to be happy or exited
After i fucked kevin's mom i was so souped that i bought her a vibrator to remember me by
#happy #thrilled #excited #suped #vaged
by I-Don November 11, 2005
The act of being overly excited for something. Excited to the point of overreaction. A typical example would be when a person ducks or moves as if they are evading being shot while playing a first person shooter. In that case, it is obvious that they cannot really dodge the bullets, but they act it out nonetheless.
"Damn, this kid was so souped when was playing halo that he acted like he was really in the game."
#excited #overreaction #fun #funny #exaggeration
by Mickael October 24, 2007
Being shit outta luck, boring, or just all bad.
Man, school is so souped today. I wanna go home.
#souped #all bad #soupd #shit outta luck #boring
by DollaDiva January 24, 2012
someone who gets a sudden burst of excitement and confidence based on being in favorable positon in a competition
Eric is souped because he is going to be one of the finalist.
#enthusiastic #self-assured #cocky #inspired #happy
by Gerard Irick December 01, 2010
is the extreme feeling of excitement or anger.
Example of Excitement: I am so souped to go out tonight, its going to be crazy.

Example of Anger: This freshman girl spilled a large hot coffee all over my computer, I was so souped that I almost yelled at her.
#frusterated #outraged #pissed #pumped #excited
by LizzieStein November 19, 2010
Term when a Campbell has sexy time.

#campbell #chicken #noodle #soup #sex
by potdTEM March 10, 2009
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