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the best thing to eat when you're sick period
tyler: I'm sick
tyler: go eat some soup
tyler: ok
by frsky May 30, 2008
154 84
The act of engaging in sexual activities.
Gabi: "Gee, I really want some soup."
Jessie: "Haha, I already had a bowl today."
Jessie: "I got some."
by soup1431 October 04, 2008
4 10
Soup is a term used to describe some super dank chronic.
I don't want any of that dirt shit, make sure its the soup.
by HorseHung11 June 19, 2008
2 8
The shortened name of the beer Hahn Super Dry. A popular beer in Australia, that is know for its drinkability and the lack of hangover caused even when tanked in large amounts.
Let's have a quiet carton of Soup tonight.

I could really go some serious Soup action when i get home the milk factory.
by Ldawg May 08, 2008
5 11
Verb. The act of souping. To soup. The act of doing something extremely terrible to someone and then trying to make everything better by making them a delicious bowl of soup.
Girl: When are you gonna make me soup?
Guy: Whenever you get raped!
Girl: Seriously?
Guy: Only if I can be the rapee
Girl: So youre gonna rape me and make me soup?
Guy: I can dig it!
by TRLiedo November 27, 2010
20 27
meaning ugly, not the best looking.
Ron: "Man, look at that girl over there.."

Maine: "yeah man she soup, her weave naughty and she look old with huge pimples."
by JazzyBoo:) March 19, 2010
1 8
someone who abandons a bottled drink (usually a beer) with a considerable amount of its contents remaining.
what a SOUP
by Emil-ayyyy August 27, 2008
1 8
Soup forms the staple diet of most people who win at life and don't worship the devil. Even Hobos. Soup is dope. And dope, soup.
I need more dope in my soup.



My soup is winrar.exe

Has my soup arrived yet?

Goths dont like soup!
by sexyguy2009 April 13, 2008
4 11