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an unusually large pussy,usually protruding through her pants
Boy that chick had a mitt like Johnny Bench
by bobbyt June 18, 2006
A huge homosexual who likes to stick things up his ass.
Hey goatse is such a ppzzus
by BobbyT September 15, 2004
brush burns obtained from tearin one off on a carpet
Dude1:"you got some wicked carpet rash there dude"
Dude2:"that's nothing-you should see your mom's back"
by bobbyt June 18, 2006
The Preminator is the machine also known as Prem.
By day, the Preminator metes out death and destruction. By night, he looks up porn and misspells words.
by BobbyT April 11, 2004
when you completely cover a nipple and areola with a thick load of cum
I gave your sister a nice nipple icing last night,then your mom licked it off and the bitch snowballed me
by bobbyt June 18, 2006
whan you have to shit so bad,you drop your drawers and back into the stall,usually occuring after a night of tequilla and burritos,your pants usually fit better after takin one of these
boy,what a night,i had the back-up shits so bad i gotta repaint the bathroom
by bobbyt June 18, 2006
to act all nervous and jerky in a social situation
dude-you totally acted like you had an ant up your ass when those chicks came over here
by bobbyt June 17, 2006

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