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Acronym for "Oh Your God". Used to mock people who use omg often. See example.
Person #1: OMG!!11!
Person #2: OYG STFU!
by AngryChicken February 23, 2007
The five stages of loss:

Man, I was going through dabda when she dumped me...
by AngryChicken November 27, 2005
1) An interesting misspelling of the word "bitch," usually used in a good way.

2) Bio-Technology

3) Add the word "Sexy" in front of it, and you get Connie.
Connie is such a sexy biotech.
by AngryChicken January 09, 2006
A way to hide yourself from a radar broadcast is to fly as low to the ground as possible. This is called "nap-of-the-earth," or NOE flying. When you fly extremely low to the ground, a radar may get confused and think that you are part of the landscape. While NOE flying is quite effective in avoiding radar, its disadvantage is that it makes your plane very vulnerable to AAA and small arms fire from ground troops.
He used NOE flying to drop off illegal goods to the dealers.
by AngryChicken January 09, 2006
1) Slang for mentally ill.

2) Penis
1) Steve is so valmik.

2) My asian Valmik is tiny!
by AngryChicken March 22, 2007
A style of doing things in which you use only one hand.

Originated from Saphea Khuu of Chelmsford, MA.
Pole vaulting soup-style.
by AngryChicken April 10, 2007

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