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the best thing to eat when you're sick period
tyler: I'm sick
tyler: go eat some soup
tyler: ok
by frsky May 30, 2008
154 83
Term used to describe people, places, or things as awesome, amazing, or great. It often replaces the word "beast" as the adjective.

Just say the word over and over slowly and you will find yourself liking it more and more.
Man 1: Hey did you hear about that new economic plan?
Their gonna give everyone $1000!

Man 2: Really? That's soup!

Man 3: Yeah that's very soup!

Man 1: Hey dude, don't overuse soup, then it becomes shako*.

*Shako is the opposite of soup
by Don't Spill the Soup November 01, 2009
9 10
complete mug, tosser, plank
you are a top soups!
by Vid October 27, 2004
4 5
The act of performing oral sex on a girl. Formally know as cunilingus.
That girls a Super Betty I want her soup.

I ate my girls soup.

I love soup on my face.
by BMBart March 07, 2012
2 5
Name for a prick shmuck or someone who does not like to pay rent!
YO Soup get yo ass up
by Prickass22 February 09, 2012
10 13
liquid that comes out of cows when they are on their period
Man 1:woah that cow is about to soup!
Man 2: time of the month man!
by dablackmanjenkins October 07, 2011
13 16
Soup: (Soop) The word meaning having a large amount of seemen in one area.
Kenzi:So I heard you had alot of soup in your mouth last night. Devin: Were you stalking my window.?
by Sam&Ashly October 01, 2011
4 7
When you take a crap and it is more liquid than solid. Mostly a liquid shit with some solid chunks thrown in. Usually you know before hand if you are about to make soup because your stomach hurts so bad.
"Hey do you mind if I use your bathroom? I need to make soup."
by KSATT August 21, 2011
9 12