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incorrect spelling of sophomore, you idiot.
lik OMG dat sophmore iz 2 hott!
by luna May 24, 2004
the most depressing, uninteresting year of high school.
You wish it was over even though your two weeks in.
The freshman annoy the most out of you because they have no idea where they're even going. It pisses you off the most. The teachers have no souls and don't seem to have any happiness within. Only few classes are enjoyable, most likely electives and/or study hall. But then again, most electives are just as depressing... such as Crafts or the like.
Some freshmen seem to remind you of Harry Potter, Elves, or the Urkels of 2008.
The others are just there, trying to be as sexy and badass as can be.. too bad their not sexy or badass at all.
Sophmore year is the death of us.
by suffermoreyear September 16, 2008
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